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This Temecula Wedding for our young couple was beautiful. We had a great time filming here.

Ponte Winery Wedding Day Outline

Wedding Venue

(All images used in this post are screenshots of the Wedding Film. Not actual professional photos)

Ponte Winery, 35053 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA 92591

We drove down the 15fwy. It was a very scenic drive going down the Rancho California Road. We saw all of the following vineyards on the left & right on the way to Ponte Winery.

  • Thornton Winery
  • Hart Winery
  • Europa Village
  • Callaway Vineyard & Winery
  • Bally Vineyard
  • Churon Winery
  • Miramonte Winery
  • Bel Vino Winery
  • Aven Sole winery

Ponte Winery Temecula Wedding Day Details

Wedding Venue Arrival

As we turned into the Ponte Winery parking lot, we saw this amazing Barn style Tasting Room with the American flag waving on a pole to the right of it.

After we got our camera equipment from the car, we made our way towards the tasting room where we saw several barrels with wine bottle corkscrews in them, all stamped with the Ponte Winery insignia. Tasting Room.

We walked straight through towards the back, where the Bridal Party rooms were.

The walk towards the back was very scenic. There was a nice appealing walkway with an arch that had vines wrapped around it. I already knew that we were going to shoot some nice cinematic video B- Roll here with the dress suit.

Bride and Groom Getting Ready

I arrived in the Bride’s Getting Ready room where we greeted a very joyous soon to be newlywed bride. She had a huge smile on her face as she was getting her hair & makeup done.

I had already met the bride prior to the wedding day during our consultation.

Bride’s Room

Whenever I walk into the bride’s room, I make sure to politely introduce myself & my second videographer. I make sure to always have a smile on my face & make everyone feel comfortable. My favorite thing to say is to just pretend like we’re not there. We’re here to capture the authentic emotions that everyone is feeling.

We set up our camera equipment and also met the photographers. They were very kind and we hit it off right away. Both of our teams strategized and planned out how the day was going to look like for us to capture the absolute best moments for the bride and the groom. 

We walked around a bit throughout the venue to get a sense and feel for the vineyards and the buildings for us to get cinematic shots. We both took turns taking photos and video of the dress, groom’s suit, and bridal accessories with the pretty backgrounds that we were able to find.

Groom’s Room

I also went to the room next door where the groomsmen were hanging out. The Golden State Warriors game was on and the guys were glued to the TV screen. It was as if it was just a regular Saturday afternoon for the fellas. The groom was very relaxed and enjoying the company of his best friends and dad. 

Having Fun

The ladies in the other room were popping bottles and sharing stories of them and the bride. There were a lot of laughs and giggles. They were also getting their makeup and hair done while having a good time reminiscing.

I always love watching and capturing those magical moments when the bridal party completely forget that the cameras are on them and they just let loose. The parent’s reactions to seeing their kids transform from just waking up in the morning to these ready to walk down the aisle grown adults is priceless. You get a lot of cheek to cheek smiles and also a lot of cries from the parents, especially the mother of the bride. 

Getting Dressed

As the day progressed and both the groom and bride start to put on their wedding day attire, the feelings on both sides start to set in. The bride, with the help of her mom and bridesmaids, puts on her dress, earrings, necklace, wedding shoes, and veil. The groom, with the help of his dad and his groomsmen, puts on his pants, dress shirt, bow-tie, shoes, and suit jacket. 

Once everyone is dressed and ready to go, the arriving wedding party begin to take their seats as the wedding ceremony will be commencing soon.

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Wedding Ceremony at the Ponte Winery

After the bridal party walked down the aisle, the groom walked down with his parents. He was dressed in a gray and black tuxedo suit with a black bow tie. His mom was wearing a lovely purple dress while his father was wearing a black tuxedo suit and a purple tie. 

The bride walked down in her wedding dress with her veil while holding her flower arrangement bouquet. Her dad walked her down the aisle. He was wearing a gray suit and gray tie. They both had a bright wide smile on their face as they made their way down the aisle. 

The father for the bride handed her off to the groom and the ceremony commenced. 

Wedding Ceremony Begins

The wedding officiant did a really great job throughout the wedding ceremony. One of my favorite lines that he said was

You guys really admire and appreciate each other, and those are really important ingredients in marriage. That combination of love and respect, will carry you all the way through. You both possess wonderful skills, talents, and abilities, that you use to help others. Characteristics that propel you into being the very successful people that you already are in life, but out of all of your amazing gifts and talents, you save the best of everything you have for each other. That’s what makes you better together.

Another great line from the officiant was

Marriage shows us that the more we give of self, the richer we become in soul. The more we go beyond ourselves and love, the more we become our true selves.

The couple had a wine mixing traditional event during the ceremony where they gave each other a sip from the wine glass.  

After that, they exchanged their vows and said “I Do,” as they were pronounced Husband and Wife for the first time!

Photo and Video Session with the Family and Newlyweds at Ponte Winery

We spent about an hour with the bridal party and the families of the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony to take photos and videos. 

During this time, the photographers each took their photos with the groom and groomsmen and the bride and bridesmaids. We also make sure to get our video shots during the photoshoot sessions. We’re more hands-off during this time as we want to make sure the couple enjoys their day and it is not prolonged with too much time spent on just photos and videos. 

(All images used in this post are screenshots of the Wedding Film. Not actual professional photos)

After the family and wedding bridal party photos and videos, we had our one on one time with the newlywed couple. There were really great places around the Ponte Winery Vineyards to take our portrait shoots of the couple. We did a lot of romantic poses and very natural looking movement shots as well. 

The couple was very playful and made this portion of the wedding very fun and easy for us as well. 

Once we were done with the portrait photos and videos of the wedding couple, it was time for the grand entrance!

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Wedding Party Grand Entrance and First Dance

The bridal party was welcomed together with their respective partners while the DJ played Bruno Mars’ “I Think I Wanna Marry You”. They each had their own fun dance moves as they made their way to center stage in the reception dining hall. 

After the best man and maid of honor entered the dining hall, the DJ announced the grand entrance of the newlyweds! Everyone stood up and cheered as the The Bride and Groom gleefully and with their hands raised, with the bride holding the bouquet on one hand, made their way to the center of the hall. They song playing was “Sucker” by the Jonas Brothers.

Tightrope First Dance

The bride and groom had their first dance as newlyweds. They danced to Sara Bareilles’ rendition of Tightrope from the Greatest Showman. 

After the first dance, the newlyweds cut their cake and went back out to the dance floor to have their parent dances.

Dance with Parents

First, the bride and her dad had their father/daughter dance. They danced to the song “A Safe Place to Land” by Sara Bareilles. 

Then the groom had his dance with mom. The mother/son dance’s song was “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan.

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There was a blessing done by the pastor before the dinner started. 

Then the best man of the groom came up and gave his speech. He gave a great metaphor that correlated the wine-making process to our couple’s relationship and marriage. He compared taking baby grapes and turning them into delicious wine, to how well our newlywed’s relationship has blossomed over the years.

Next came the maid of honor speech. She is the bride’s sister. She was happy to now have a brother.

“I’ve loved seeing your relationship grow over the past few years, and the way that you care about each other is so inspiring. I hope that I’m as lucky as you are (bride) to find someone that looks at me the way (groom) looks at you, and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness”

After the bride’s maid spoke, the father of the groom gave his speech. He joked about his son’s direction mishaps and wished the couple the best marriage ever.

The father of the bride finished up the speeches. He thanked the groom’s parents for raising such an amazing man. He reminisced about his daughter’s upbringing. He shared several stories about him seeing the groom and bride over the past 6 years.

“Never lose the sparkle that you guys have when you look into each other’s eyes. Never lose those butterflies that you feel when you’re together. Never stop writing those love notes. Cherish every moment and remember that true friendship is really the basis for a lasting relationship. The greatest marriages are built on teamwork, on trust and respect, admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.”

Open Dance Floor Reception

The dance party began after the speeches. It’s always great capturing everyone letting loose and having a blast on the dance floor.

The bride and groom did the traditional bouquet toss and the garter toss. The two winners were all smiles as they took their photos with the bride and groom.

The DJ did a great job with the music selection. All of the wedding party’s guests were absolutely enjoying dancing the night away.

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Ponte Winery Wedding Cost and Prices for Venue

According to Wedding-Spot.com, the Ponte Winery Venue Costs $17,456 for a 100 guest wedding ceremony and reception with a buffet style meal or 2 course dinner meal.

This venue can hold up to 280 guests. Contact PonteWinery.com for more details about their current prices and amenities at: (951) 694-9444 or weddings@pontewinery.com. Let them know that Aery Cinema sent you.

The Ponte Winery & Vineyard Inn, located in the heart of Temecula Wine Country, is a rustic wedding venue nestled among Southern California’s scenic hills. Equidistant from Los Angeles and San Diego, this tranquil vineyard venue is brimming with picturesque views and West Coast charm. Featuring an unforgettable blend of indoor and outdoor settings, the nearly 300-acre property is a romantic haven from city life. Enjoy an idyllic countryside ceremony followed by a stay in their AAA Four-Diamond Spanish-style inn. Whether intimate or extravagant, the winery’s team of experienced event staff are dedicated to transforming your dream celebration into a reality.


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