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This Coto de Caza Wedding for our latin couple was everything that you could ask for in a wedding. We really enjoyed filming their big day.

Coto de Caza Country Club Wedding Day Outline

Coto de Caza Country Club Wedding Day Details

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Coto De Caza Country Club Wedding Venue Arrival

We arrived at the Coto de Caza Country Club Venue (Address: 25291 Vista del Verde, Coto de Caza, CA 92679) early in the morning to capture the getting ready moments. The plan was to film the bride and the groom in their respective rooms as they got ready with their bridal party, have a first look, and then go to the church in Santa Ana before heading back to the Coto de Caza Country Club Venue for the Reception.

Bride and Groom Getting Ready at Coto de Caza

The bridesmaids were all getting ready in a large open ballroom area. They had the hair and makeup artists there making sure that all of the ladies looked their best. 

The bride-to-be had her own bridal suite where she was with her close family members as they helped her get ready.

The dress was absolutely stunning with diamond-like pendants placed throughout it. 

We took some cinematic video shots of the wedding rings on top of the bride’s flower arrangement bouquet.

The groom had a blue tuxedo with a burgundy tie and hankerchief. 

There was a separate room where for the groom and groomsmen to get ready and put on their tuxedos. 

The groom gave the bride an adorable gift box with photos of when they were dating. She got very emotional as she opened it and tears rolled down her cheeks. 

The bridesmaids had red dresses with two diamond plated gold straps wrapped around them.

Before the first look, the bride had her mom place the necklace that her future husband gave her as a gift, around her neck.

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First Look Photo & Video Session with the Bridal Party

The couple had their lovely first look in front of the white double doors set up out in the field at the Coto de Caza Country Club Venue. They kissed and embraced, surrounded by their bridal party. 

There were some great spots for the photographer to take his portrait shots of the couples including these nice swings with vines draped on them.

Before heading off to the wedding ceremony at the church, the couple took one final photo with their pet dog. He was so fluffy and photogenetic. This is going to make for a great addition to the wedding photo album.

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Wedding Ceremony at the St. Joseph Church

The bridal party all walked down the aisle including the family of the couple. Then the bride made her way down with her father holding her arm.

This was a Catholic Church wedding at St. Joseph’s in Santa Ana, CA. They had the traditional Mexican based Catholic ceremonial activities such as the wedding lasso rosary wrapped around the bride and the groom.

The groom walked the bride off to the side to pay respects to the Virgin Mary in St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

As priest wed the couple and announced them as husband and wife.

The couple were elated as they walked back up the aisle now as newlyweds! 

When they exited the church, all of their guests and family members greeted and congratulated the couple.

The entire bridal party got into their limo with the newlywed couple to go back to the Coto de Caza Country Club Venue for the reception.

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Wedding Party Grand Entrance and First Dance

The couple had their grand entrance with their entire bridal party at the expanded Coto de Caza Reception Hall. 

They then went straight into their first dance while the DJ turned on his fog machine. They danced to “Lights Down Low” by Max feat gnash.

They had two more surprises for their guests. The first was a Salsa style Spanish dance and then opened the dance floor to everyone with the YMCA.

Dance with Parents

The bride had a one on one dance with both her mother and her father. This opened up the floor to a traditional money dance where the wedding guests came up and clipped dollars to the dress and the tuxedo while they danced with the couple.


There were so many touching and feel-good speeches. The parents, maid of honor, best man, friends, and family members, all got a chance to take the mic and say a few kind words and well wishes to the newlywed couple.

Coto de Caza Country Club Wedding Cake and Decorative Ideas

The wedding cake was a 4 layered cake with red ribbons and blue and white stars on the front. 

The guests were able to find their tables by looking at a windowpane with their names displayed on the given table.

After the guests enjoyed the amazing mariachi players out front, they got treated to a delicious carne asada and shrimp dinner plate. 

The photo booth is always a hit at a wedding. Everyone is always trying to grab the couple into the booth for a picture.

Open Dance Floor Coto de Caza Country Club Reception

At this Coto de Caza Wedding, the newlyweds were lifted up while the guests ran around them in what is a traditional Mexican Dance called La Vibora. 

Then we moved onto the garter toss before opening up the dance floor.

It was a great night of magical moments for everyone at the wedding. We had a blast filming all of these moments and we wish our happily newlywed couple an incredible married life for years to come!

The guests wished them the same as well as they sent them on their way with a sparkler exit from the Coto de Caza Country Club.

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Coto de Caza Country Club Wedding Venue Cost and Details

According to, the Coto De Caza Country Club Wedding Venue with a Ceremony and Reception Hall Costs $19,978 for 100 guests with a buffet-style meal.

The Coto De Caza Country Club venue can hold up to 250 guests. Contact for more details about their current pricing and amenities at: (949) 858-4100. Let them know that Aery Cinema sent you.

Address: 25291 Vista del Verde, Coto de Caza, CA 92679

You have found your Dream Location at Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet club with a Craftsman-style architecture the clubhouse offers the perfect, picturesque Orange County wedding venue for your celebration. You and your guests will be treated to amazing service and stunning views. Entering the lobby filled with natural light streaming in from the two story windows will lead guests down a grand staircase to a picturesque ceremony site.


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