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It was our pleasure to film this wedding at Sterling Hills Wedgewood Weddings in Camarillo for our beautiful newlywed couple. The venue was a great selection for the ceremony and reception as they had a great outdoors and indoors section for the guests to enjoy and the couple to have an incredible wedding day. 

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Sterling Hills Wedding Day Outline

Sterling Hills Wedding Day Details

Wedding Highlight Video for P+M at Sterling Hills

Bride Getting Ready at Hotel

(The photos in this post are snapshots of the wedding film. Not actual professional photographs)

We arrived at a hotel near the couple’s home early in the morning. The bride and her bridesmaids were all getting their hair and makeup done here before making their way over to the Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings Venue in Camarillo.

I greeted the bride to be and she was very ecstatic when we got there. The ladies were all having such a great time amongst themselves and were video camera ready with their enthusiasm from the moment we got there.

I stayed for about an hour to get as many b-roll shots with my steady camera of the bride getting her hair and makeup done before I had to drive over to the groom’s place. I left my amazing prime videographer there to stay with the girls. I like having a female prime videographer with me at all of my weddings, so that the bride and bridesmaids feel more loose and comfortable when I have to go over to the gentleman’s getting ready room.

Groom Getting Ready at Home

I arrived at the couple’s home where the guys were set to get ready for the big day. They were having a typical guy’s hangout session of playing video games and joking around. They were also very calm and relaxed. As time began to tick, and the groom was ready, they all began to get a little more serious and start to put on their attire.

I took some time to take the groom’s tuxedo and tie out to take some nice cinematic video b-roll of it perched on a tree. I always make sure to take extremely great care of any attire that I’m handling, especially when it comes to the tux and the bride’s dress.

Once I came back in, the groom began to put on his dress shirt, dress pants, socks, and tie. His groomsmen were helping him to straighten things up and helping out each other as well. 

It’s always great when the groom takes a moment to go over his vows before the ceremony. They make their final touches and read throughs before the big moment happens a few hours from now. This groom hand wrote his vows and they were very special to to him.

I caught the final preparation moments of the groom and his groomsmen putting on each other’s tuxedos. Once they all finished putting on their wedding day attire, I drove off to meet the bridesmaids at the Sterling Hills Venue to capture their final getting ready moments.

Wedding Venue Arrival

There were more waves of laughter and no sense of nervousness from the bride or bridesmaids at this point in the day. It was an hour before the wedding processional was set to begin and all of the ladies were having a fun time putting on their red dresses together and drinking a little bubbly to commemorate the big day. 

(The photos in this post are snapshots of the wedding film. Not actual professional photographs)

The photographers and us, the videography crew, were taking turns posing the bride’s accessories and attire such as the wedding ring, wedding shoes, and her dress. 

The bride’s wedding ring was stunning. It was a square shape diamond arrangement. The groom’s wedding band was all black. 

(Zoom in to the photos to view the full details of the shot)

I always like it when the bride brings her hanger with her new last name on it. It adds a nice touch to our cinematic film shots and the photographers also love it.

The shoes also had a nice veil-like design with diamond pendants going up the mid seem and around the edges of the wedding shoe. 

To wrap up the getting ready moments, the maid of honor helped the bride put on her dress and wedding shoes. 

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Wedding Ceremony at Sterling Hills

I took some time before the processional started to go down to the Sterling Hills Wedding lawn area to set up and get some nice cinematic b-roll shots. The layout looked absolutely perfect for this couple’s wedding. The gazebo right at the center of the aisle that the wedding party was going to be walking down shortly, made for a great backdrop.

Soon we had the guests take their seats and the processional commence. The groom-to-be walked down the aisle with his son in his arms. He took his position in front of the gazebo as the entire bridal party walked down with their partners in tow. 

(The photos in this post are snapshots of the wedding film. Not actual professional photographs)

As everyone took their place, the bride-to-be walked down the aisle with her arm wrapped around her brother’s arm. She held her perfectly made bouquet arrangement of red roses in her left hand as they both took in sync steps down the aisle.

I like setting up the main 4k zoom camera in the back with my prime videographer so that she can capture the full walkthrough with a steady tripod. I then position myself with the handheld 4k camera on a stabilizer gimbal for a smooth shot of the action upfront. I love to get those close-ups of the reactions that the groom is giving while seeing his lovely future wife makes her way down the aisle.

The quick, smooth, and steady action of my stabilized camera upfront, allows me to quickly switch between capturing the bride walking down and getting closer to the gazebo as well as the groom’s quickly changing facial expressions. 

As the couple came together and held hands for the last time as an unmarried couple, the bride’s great friend pulled double duty of being a bridesmaid and the officiant.

Normally I get nervous when it’s a family member or friend that is marrying the couple because they tend to get nervous and the ceremony doesn’t always go according to plans. This time, however, the bridesmaid/wedding officiant did an amazing job of keeping her cool and saying exactly what she needed to say. 

She was able to mix her personal experiences with the couple as well as keep the framework of the ceremony talk all focused on the newlyweds to be.

Then came the part of the ceremony where the groom and the bride shared their vows with each other. 

The groom started it off and said the following:

I vow to be loyal, show honesty, and integrity. I vow to love you unconditionally every single day through the good and the bad. I vow to close every single clothes drawer that you leave open. I promise to be the very best husband I can be until the last breath.

As I look towards the future, words can’t explain how blessed I am that I get to walk this Earth with you. We get to raise our son from a boy to a man. I get to experience life with the both of you.

The bride shared her vows with her husband

I realize I have no idea what the rest of our lives will hold. I’m sure there will be some tribulations, some adventures, a lot of chaos, and some unexpected experiences, and I can’t promise how I will react to them. What I can promise is that I will see through every expeirence no matter how difficult or how joyful, with you.

I vow to stand not behind you, not in front of you, but right beside you as your partner and best friend. I vow that no matter where we are in life, I will always remind you of how grateful I am for you. And to never let you forget how every part of my being loves you.

I vow to forever to try to make you laugh, even though you said that I wasn’t that funny. I also vow to always make you tacos even though you really should eat more vegetables. I vow to always be someone that you can lean on and talk to. I will be strong when you can’t be, and I know that you will do the same for me. 

Since we were kids, I’ve watched you grow into a humble and genuine man. It was nothing short of exquisite. You make me be the best version of myself, because of the increadible man and father that you are. I promise to be the best wife, partner, and friend to you that I can be. Forever, you will be my always!

The officiant had the Pronouncement of Marriage as the couple said “I do” and slid their respective wedding rings onto one another’s fingers. 

Their first kiss after being pronounced married was magical. Everyone clapped loudly as the couple held that passionate kiss and embraced for the first time as newlyweds.

It was lovely to see how the groom couldn’t take his eyes off of the clasps hands of the newlywed couple. He was so happy that they were now officially partners in life forever. 

The guests were given Rose Quartz Blessing Stones. The stone represents the heart and unconditional love of the now-married couple. They each put a Rose Quartz stone into a glass box with rose petals in it.

Photo & Video Session with the Family and Newlyweds

The Sterling Hills Wedgewood Weddings site in front of the Gazebo made for a perfect place for the photographers to have their family and friends photoshoot with the couple.  

The couple then took their newlywed photos in the midst of the night sky. 

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Wedding Grand Entrance and First Dance

After their grand entrance, the couple had their first dance to the song “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainer feat. John Legend. 

Speeches and Toasts

There were a few toasts and speeches by the best man, maid of honor, the brother of the bride, as well as the mother of the groom. 

Dance with Parents

Normally when it’s time for the parent dances, the groom and bride have their own separate dance. This time, however, the newlyweds decided to have a joint dance to the song “Have I told You Lately” by Rod Stewart. They each brought out their mother’s to the dance floor and had a heartwarming dance.

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Wedding Cake and Decorative Ideas

I really liked how the wedding topper on top of the wedding cake had a custom made Live, Laugh expression with the wedding date underneath and a silhouette of the couple holding their son’s hands.

They really dressed up the table where the wedding cake was set. They had a shimmering Mr & Mrs sign upfront with a decorative gold vine wrapped up and around the table. 

The three-layered wedding cake had bright red roses in a diagonal arrangement from the bottom to the top of the cake.  

The cake had different flavors including red velvet. They set pieces of the cut cake slices off to the side of the Sterling Hills Reception Venue so that the guests could get up and grab a piece as they wished. 

There was a signing photo board for the guests to send their good wishes to the newlyweds.

There was also a glass-encased box for cards and gifts that the guests wanted to leave for the couple.

I’ve seen this at other weddings as well and it makes a nice touch to the gift table. The couple had their childhood photos displayed.

Dinner Time

The Sterling Hills Wedgewood Weddings Venue had a buffet-style dinner with chicken, roast, fruits, baked potatoes, and so much more. It was very delicious. 

Open Dance Floor Sterling Hills Wedding Reception

It’s always great to capture the guests of the wedding hit the dance floor and enjoy the night. Everyone was having a blast including the bride and the groom.

The fellas surprised the groom with a fun money dance for him. He was totally stunned but was a sport about it.

The photo booth was a huge hit as well.

After all of the dancing and partying, the DJ brought all of the couples to the dance floor to have a romantic slow dance.

What a super fun wedding this was and the Sterling Hills Venue in Camarillo was a great place to host it.

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Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings Venue Cost and Details

According to, the Sterling Hills Wedding Venue by Wedgewood Weddings costs around $13,100 for a 100 guest wedding ceremony and reception with a buffet-style meal.

This venue can hold up to 225 guests. Contact Wedgewood Weddings for more details about their current prices and promotions at: (855) 414-0526. Let them know that Aery Cinema sent you.

Grand Tuscan Architecture, Sweeping Gardens, and Charming Character

Tucked away past strawberry fields and orange groves, this Spanish-style clubhouse feels like a private villa with the right balance of comfort and sophistication. Its Camarillo location gives it a buzzing energy, yet the rolling green hills and views of the Topatopa Mountains breathe fresh air into this gorgeous venue. A sanctuary for laidback couples, the charming gazebo and tranquil fountain demonstrate a natural work of art. Enjoy a stately grand entryway, many photo opportunities, and a cozy fireplace to cap off the night.


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