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Bel-Air Bay Club Wedding Day Outline

Bel-Air Bay Club Wedding Day Details

Malibu’s Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Venue Arrival

The Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu is a very elegant wedding venue. From the moment you drive up to Bel Air Bay Club, you know that this place is very magical both inside and out. The couple made the perfect choice with this venue.

(All images used in this post are screenshots of the Wedding Film. Not actual professional photos)

The receptionist was very kind and directed us to where the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready. As we made our way to the room, we also took some time to look around and to find some great scenic spots around the Bel Air Bay Club venue for the bridal shoots later that day.

There was a lot of greenery everywhere. There were plenty of flower bushes and scenic green grass and trees throughout the venue.

Bride and Groom Getting Ready

We walked into the bridal suite where the future bride and the rest of the ladies were getting ready. The bride was getting her hair and make up done as well as her bridesmaids and mom.

Now this doesn’t happen often, but the bride took some time to go over to check on the guys. She walked over the opposite end of the venue where the groom was getting ready to lend a helping hand This was a very sweet moment to witness.

The bride to be was helping her future husband with his attire and bow tie. She didn’t care that it was breaking tradition to not see each-other before the ceremony was set to begin. The groom was a for it as well and it showed how much they truly love and care for one another.

When the bride went back to her room, the groom finished getting dressed while his best man helped him with his white and black tuxedo suit blazer.

The groomsmen were wearing a three piece black suit with a black tie and white handkerchief pocket square.

The groom’s mother helped place the white rose boutonnière on him.

I went back to the bride’s getting ready room at the Bel Air Bay Club venue to arrange all of the bridesmaid’s bouquet’s so that I could get some b-roll cinematic shots.

They were simplistic but elegant designs with white roses. I placed the wedding rings up in front of the bouquets as well as inside one of the roses being caressed by the white petals.

The rings and band were made of white gold. The bride had a large diamond from Jared on her wedding ring.

(All images used in this post are screenshots of the Wedding Film. Not actual professional photos)

The photographers and I then decided to take the bride and bride’s maids outside to do a pre-ceremony photoshoot. They were loving this idea.

The Bel Air Bay Club has a nice deck area outside of the bridal suite that overlooks the Malibu Ocean and it makes for a great backdrop for the photoshoot with the ladies.

During these shots, I make sure to have our main shooter with the 4k Zoom Lens take an up-close and tight shot of the ladies, while I do

After the photo and video session with the bridesmaids, we went back inside where the bride-to-be put on her lovely white dress and bridal accessories.

The bride’s mom helped with the wedding shoes as well as making sure the dress fit nice and tight on her daughter.

I love capturing these moments that not only the bride has been dreaming about since she was young, but also her mom. I know that the bride’s mom has been thinking about helping her daughter get dressed for the last time before she gets married, for a long time.

As they all finished with the final touches, my main shooter and I went down to the Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Ceremony area to capture the processional line up.

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Wedding Ceremony at the Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu

The wedding ceremony setup on the Bel Air Bay Club lawn in Malibu was perfect. They had white wooden chairs laid out with a wooden arbor with white roses on set up at the end of the aisle. That sky blue water backdrop was perfect for this wedding day.

There is a staircase on the right side of the Bel Air Bay Club venue where the groom and his groomsmen wait. This staircase leads straight down from the groom’s getting ready room.

The processional starts and the groom makes his way down the aisle and stands next to the wedding officiant. The rest of the bridal party make their way down the aisle as the wedding party guests stand to welcome in the bride and her father.

Her father was wearing a baby blue tux and held his daughter’s arm for the last time before walking down the aisle with her.

The groom was all smiles as he saw his future bride walk down with her future father in law.

The guests had their phones out recording this moment with the future bride.

The wedding officiant did a fantastic job throughout the ceremony.

The future newlyweds shared their vows with one another.

After exchanging rings, they were pronounced husband and wife for the first time. The guests threw white rose petals while the couple had their first kiss as newlyweds.

We then stayed back with the family members to take photos and videos.

Photo and Video Session with the Family, Bridal Party, and Newlyweds at Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu CA

(All images used in this post are screenshots of the Wedding Film. Not actual professional photos)

The families of both the groom and the bride took turns taking photos with the newlywed couple.

After the family photos and video session, we went back to the upstairs area in front of the bridal suite to take some shots with the bridal party.

We had the groomsmen taking fun celebratory action shots with the groom.

The ladies were having a great time as well taking photos outside with their white rose bouquets and the bride.

I liked this shot of all of the groomsmen holding up the groom.

We made sure to take a lot of different poses with the bride and her bridesmaids.

They were game for all of it because they got to show off their baby blue dresses.

After the photographers and us were done with the bridal party shoot, we took the couple back down to the ceremony area to take their newlywed photos.

The couple was adorable and easy to work with. They are so in love that it was tough to have them stop kissing for a few moments to reposition them, but we didn’t care.

This made our job so much easier, as the newlyweds had a genuine affection for one another.

This made our job so much easier, as the newlyweds had a genuine affection for one another. After this, it was time for the grand entrance.

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Wedding Party Grand Entrance and First Dance

The couple entered the room to a resounding round of applause from their guests at the Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Reception Hall.

The Bride led the way with a huge smile on her face, as she took the groom to the center of the stage for the start of their first dance.

The newlyweds had their first dance to the song “I Do” by Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross.

Dance with Parents

The bride had her father and daughter dance with her dad. This was followed by the groom having the mother and son dance with his mom.

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There were so many great speeches and toasts. It was started off by the father of the bride.

During this time, we make sure to have a camera pointed directly at the couple to get their immediate reactions. I then have a secondary camera getting the full speech of the individual talking as well as get any guest reactions.

The Best Man as well as the Maid of Honors gave amazing speeches to honor the new bride and the groom.

Cake Cutting and Bel Air Bay Club Dinner

The white cake with white roses was cut and the couple drank their first glasses of champagne.

After this, it was time for dinner at the Bel Air Bay Club. They had their onsite chef’s prepare an incredibly delicious meal for the guest.

Open Dance Floor Reception at the Bel Air Bay Club Venue

Once all of the speeches were done, the bride and the groom ate, and the guests were ready, the DJ opened up the dance floor.

Everyone was ready to party and celebrate one amazing night with the newlyweds here at the Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu!


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Bel Air Bay Club in Malibu CA Wedding Cost and Prices for Venue

According to, the Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Venue Costs between $25,000-$50,000 with a wedding ceremony and reception with a full dinner meal.

This venue can hold up to 300 guests. Contact for more details about their current prices and amenities at: (310) 230-4700. Let them know that Aery Cinema sent you.

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